New Muscular Look of Tamil Actor Arvind Swamy

Actor Arvind Swamy, who made a comeback with Mani Ratnam’s Kadal, is now flaunting a toned body these days.
On enquiry the actor said that he is going in for a ‘tough look’ for a forthcoming Tamil movie and the project is slated to take off some time in September , but he had to keep details under wraps till an official announcement is made by the makers.
To attain the look Arvind Swamy has been hitting the gym regularly and a strict diet and hopes to continue doing so till he is done with the venture.
The actor, who started his career way back in the 1990s with Thalapathy and came to the fore with Mani Ratnam’s Roja ended his longish absence from the screen by featuring in his mentor’s Kadal last year and seems ready to work in movies on a consistent basis again!
He was part of hit movies such as Bombay, Uyire, Pudhayal , Marubadiyum and Thalattu etc, it may be recalled.


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